Currently the department is offering undergraduate program in Mechatronics and Control Engineering. Mechatronics is the synergistic combination of mechanical engineering, electronics, control engineering and computer science. It is essential in the design of intelligent products; it allows engineers to transform their concepts into reality. Currently, the use of intelligent products with improved flexibility, performance, reliability, and maintainability is crucial for the economic vitality of any country. Thus, mechatronics engineering carries the potential to make major impacts upon various industries such as automotive, consumer electronics, biomedical and robotics/automation. At the same time, mechatronics is becoming popular at universities from the viewpoint of research as well. Research areas, relevant to mechatronics, are diverse and include robotics, actuators/sensors, micro-electro-mechanical systems (MEMS), mechatronic devices/machines, control of mechatronic systems, human-machine-interface, haptics, biomedical engineering, embedded computing, and software engineering as well as design/integration methodologies for mechatronic systems.

Initially, mechatronics was offered as a postgraduate degree program at UET Lahore in 1999. Keeping in view the futuristic needs as well as the market demand, the undergraduate program was initiated in 2001 at Main Campus. At Faisalabad Campus, the undergraduate program was initiated in 2004. The undergraduate program is designed to address the needs of technology-based-industries. It provides in-depth knowledge in the fundamentals, design, development, analysis, and operation of mechatronic systems. The objective of the program is to provide a course of study which enables the students to effectively design integrated systems. The prime role of mechatronics is one of initiation and integration throughout the design process, with mechatronics engineer as the team leader.

Up till 2020, graduates of thirteen batches are serving in various industries such as mechanical, electronics, automation, textile, oil & gas, and other private and public sectors.

The Vision and Mission statements of the UET are stated below.

Vision Statement of the University

To generate knowledge for global competitive advantage and become a leading world class research University.

Mission Statement of the University

To play a leading role as a University of Engineering and Technology in teaching, research, innovation, and commercialization that is internationally relevant and has a direct bearing on national industrial, technological, and socio-economic development.